Anxiety Counselling

Are you wondering whether you might be experiencing some of the common struggles associated with Anxiety? Let's take a closer look:

Persistent Worry: Do you find yourself worrying excessively about various aspects of your life, even when there's no apparent reason for concern
Physical Symptoms: Have you noticed physical symptoms like muscle tension, restlessness, fatigue, or difficulty sleeping that seem linked to your anxious thoughts?
Concentration Difficulties: Is it challenging to focus on tasks or make decisions because your mind is preoccupied with worrying thoughts?
Avoidance Behaviors: Do you tend to avoid certain situations or activities because they trigger anxiety, limiting your experiences?
Perfectionism: Do you often set high standards for yourself and struggle with self-criticism, fearing making mistakes or being judged by others?
Health Concerns: Have you become overly concerned about your health, perhaps seeking medical reassurance frequently?
Social and Relationship Challenges: Has your anxiety affected your relationships or made social interactions more difficult?
Sleep Disturbances: Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep due to racing thoughts and anxiety?
Procrastination: Are you finding it difficult to initiate tasks or make decisions, leading to increased stress?
Self-esteem Impact: Has your self-esteem suffered because of persistent worry and self-doubt?
Emotional Distress: Do you often experience feelings of fear, dread, or a sense of impending doom?
Interference with Enjoyment: Are you having trouble enjoying leisure activities or relaxing due to constant worrying?

Do you identify with several of these challenges and they are interfering with your daily life? 

Generalized Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic Disorders and Post- traumatic Stress Disorder can change.

My Approach to Anxiety Counselling

In anxiety counseling sessions, we embark on a journey together to address and alleviate your anxiety. My approach involves exploring your unique life story, drawing connections between past, present, and future experiences, and uncovering fresh insights to facilitate the healing process. Throughout our sessions, I integrate mindfulness and emotional awareness practices. In addition, I leverage evidence-based therapeutic techniques, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Brainspotting with an attachment based Body Mind Therapy. This comprehensive approach equips you with effective tools to manage and overcome anxiety. My anxiety counseling services are designed to provide you with holistic support and empowerment on your path to healing and well-being.

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